Red Hula Design is a San Francisco based corporate interior design company acting as an exclusive client representative. Unique to the market, Red Hula designs environments that are functional and aesthetically pleasing to the culture of the client's branding. We also facilitate dialogue between our clients, their architect and respective furniture manufacturers, addressing their requirements through comparative product evaluations. We provide consultation resulting in the successful negotiation of product, design and comprehensive project management contracts between the client, Red Hula and furniture manufacturers. The primary operational goal is to provide a combination of products and services providing clients the advantage of interacting with a single source, autonomous company. This allows for improved communication, comfort and efficiency in the work place, while providing the highest possible level of professional service. We have established relationships with manufacturers but no contractual ties ensuring that our consultation is objective and in our client's best financial interest.

Mary Thomas
1796 Green Street San Francisco, California 94123
Cell 415-606-5705 Fax 415-922-5859